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Mr. Troy Lizer is an engineer with over 20 years of technical and professional design and sales experience. Mr. Lizer received Bachelor of Science degrees in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering from the University of Akron and began his career as an Application and Design engineer in machining and grinding applications for over a dozen years before transitioning into the environmental and remediation industry as the North American Sales Manager for a chemical manufacturing company. Mr. Lizer focused on technology application and selection through proper implementation to ensure project success. Mr. Lizer would coordinate laboratory services to provide analytical testing and confirmation data on amendment selection and loading to determine the best practice approach as well as economic justification for design criteria. His experience is in oxidative and reductive technologies as well as biological remedies for sites striving to eliminate common contaminants (chlorinated, SVOC, BTEX, etc.) as well as emerging contaminants (1,4-dioxane) both in situ and ex situ. In January 2020, Mr. Lizer assumed the role of Technical Sales Director-North America with Provectus Environmental Products in order to focus on product and process development in the environmental industry with a company and colleagues that are dedicated to the successful application of proven and evolving technologies.

Troy Lizer – Technical Sales Director – North America
Provectus Environmental Products, Inc.
Tel: (330) 284-7428
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