Shannon Thompson

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Shannon Thompson, P.E., has been working in the environmental engineering industry for over 20 years. She has extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of environmental projects and is an expert in human health risk assessment and vapor intrusion. She has worked at sites ranging from small releases attributed to single underground storage tanks to large complex active and inactive refineries with both petroleum and chlorinated releases.

Shannon has been responsible for the collection and review of thousands of vapor-related samples including conducting vapor intrusion pathway assessments, estimating human health risks, and designing and implementing mitigation and remediation systems to address the vapor intrusion pathway.

She has developed innovative approaches to assessing the vapor intrusion pathway and has led independent research focused on the evaluation of inhalation risks to workers in trenches, which included the development of new assessment methods and execution of several field studies.

Shannon Thompson, P.E. – Senior Chemical Engineer
212 Environmental
Tel: (307) 760-1803
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1. “Hartford Petroleum Release Site Case Study” (Please Request PDF)
2. “Chevron Cincinnati Facility Case Study” (Please Request PDF)