Scott Poynor

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Mr. Poynor is a registered Professional Geoscientist, managing an environmental consultancy focused on Real Property mitigation. Mr. Poynor has over 33 years of environmental expertise with broad experience in regulatory compliance, contaminant assessment and remediation. Specific experience includes assessment and remediation of soils and ground water impacted by chlorinated hydrocarbons, petroleum fuels, crude oil, condensate, PCBs, 1,4-dioxane, creosote, furans, dioxin and metals; design and oversight of waste reclamation of characteristically hazardous and non-hazardous waste streams; design of groundwater treatment systems; design and oversight of large scale remediation projects; testing and interpretation of aquifer characteristics; supervising remediation system design, installation, operations, maintenance and decommissioning.

Scott Poynor – President
Geologic Science and Technology Group, Inc.
Tel: (214) 837-9587
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Presentation: Effective In-Situ LNAPL and DNAPL Site Remediation Using Innovative Surfactant Enhanced Remediation Techniques

Abstract: Ivey-sol Surfactant Enhanced Push-Pull Method for In Situ Remediation of Petroleum & Chlorinated Vapor, Soil and Groundwater Contamination (PDF Coming Soon)