Janet Castle

(720) 475-0022

Janet Castle is the founder of Eagle Synergistic Optimizing Technologies, LLC. Her passion for integrating her experience with petrophysics, geology, and geophysics has led her to establish a unique business model that focuses solely on subsurface imaging technologies. Her company specializes in optimizing the investigative phase to help advance scientific methods in the environmental industry. Her main duties are reviewing HRSC data, managing her team of degreed specialists, 3d modeling, and helping with educating agencies, consultants, and the public on how to correctly utilize subsurface imaging. Previously, her career was in a petrophysics role in the energy arena. Her passion at that time was optimizing hydraulic fracturing by utilizing logging tools and 3D modeling. She was recently on the Rocky Mountain board for data log analysis, the Colorado Groundwater Board, and for several years has been appointed to serve on the Corporate Advisory Board of the Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists.

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Presentation: Strategic Optimization utilizing HRSC Technologies [PDF Coming Soon]