Chapman Ross

(617) 821-0686

Chapman Ross, PE is Director of Technology for FRx. Chapman brings 20 years of domestic and international industry experience along with a proven track record of technical leadership and new technology development. Many recognize him as an industry-leading expert with in situ remediation, specializing in remediation methods and amendment delivery techniques for low-permeability formations.

At FRx, Chapman is responsible for advancing our capabilities in technology development and optimization, data collection, analysis and visualization, and remediation design and implementation. He develops and applies high standards of quality assurance across the company to increase equipment reliability and process consistency ensuring that our tools and methods meet the needs of both our clients and field teams. Chapman is a registered Professional Engineer in Massachusetts and resides in Boston.

Chapman Ross, PE – Director of Technology
FRx Inc.
Tel: 617.821.0686
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Presentation: DPT Jet Injection of ZVI – Five Years of Progressive Chlorinated Solvent Treatment in Glacial Clay Till [Please Request PDF] Presentation: DPT Jet Injection for Remediation of Low-Permeability Zones: Three Case Studies in Three States [Please Request PDF]