Andy Lowy

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Mr. Andy Lowy is an environmental scientist with nine years of technical in situ remedial design and sales experience. Mr. Lowy earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Science and a Minor in Geoscience from Pennsylvania State University (Penn State). Mr. Lowy launched his professional career with an international remedial design firm focusing on a wide array of projects, which included the utilization of in situ chemical oxidants, in situ chemical reductants, and aerobic and anaerobic biological processes to remediate common contaminants such as chlorinated VOCs, BTEX, PAHs, and more. His primary focus was on technology selection and the application of multiple in situ reagents based on site-specific data. Mr. Lowy’s assessment of project data would be used to determine amendment selection and loading to formulate a unique and economically viable remediation plan to ensure project success. In April 2020, Mr. Lowy accepted the position of Technical Sales with Provectus Environmental Products, Inc., to continue his work within the in situ remedial design field, working with the most advanced, cost-effective, and expanding line of in situ remedial technologies.

Andy Lowy – Technical Sales
Provectus Environmental Products, Inc.
Tel: (480) 670-7278
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Presentation: ISCR & Antimethanogenic Reagents: Technical Overview with Field-Scale Applications to Address CVOCs (Please Request PDF)