Jim Wilson

(732) 970-6696

Jim Wilson is the founder and President of Geo-Cleanse International, Inc. With an educational background in engineering, environmental consulting and research lead him to create a company which focuses on strategies for in-situ chemical remediation, including design and implementation of innovative remedial technologies for contaminated sites. He is the inventor of the Geo-Cleanse® Process, which is a patented, in-situ chemical oxidation technology that incorporates the traditional “Fenton’s reagent” approach to reduce organic contaminant concentrations in the soil and groundwater. He has designed and managed over 100 in-situ chemical remediation treatment programs, including some of the largest in the world. Mr. Wilson is nationally recognized for his contributions to the industry, his patents, and published technical articles. He has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Chemical Engineering, and his experience includes over 30 years within the environmental field.