Core Team

Drew Baird - FRx Inc.

1. In-Situ Access to Contaminants: Enhancing and Enabling Subsurface Remediation
2. Using Induced Fractures for Penetrative ISCO Distribution in Low Permeability Formations
3. Lessons Learned During a Quarter Century of Fracturing, Illustrated
4. Lessons Learned While Injecting More Than One Hundred Tons of Potassium Persulfate

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Mitch Brourman - Field Environmental Instruments

“Remote Monitoring of Environmental Remediation and How It Can Work for You." (Please Request PDF)

Eva Caspary - Carus Corporation

“Carus’ Solutions: Including MLO Next Generation ISCO” (Please Request PDF)

Tim Colgan - Carus Corporation

“Carus’ Solutions: Including MLO Next Generation ISCO” (Please Request PDF)

George (Bud) Ivey - Ivey International

1. Cost-Effective NAPL, Globule and Sorbed Phase Remediation Using Ivey-sol Surfactant Enhanced Remediation
2. Surfactant Enhanced Bioremediation (SEB) of Recalcitrant Soil and Groundwater Contamination (In-situ and Ex-situ)
3. Surfactant Enhanced Soil Washing (Ex-situ) of Highly Contaminated Soils Using Batch and Continuous Processes
4. Avoiding Cross-Contamination - DECON-IT Surface Decontamination Product Exceeding ASTM D088 Standard For Decontamination of Field Equipment
5. Unexpected Contaminants Present At Many Impacted Sites And Not The Ones You Are Treating (2 Part Series)
6. Combined In-situ Remediation Technologies To Achieve Enhanced Cost-Effective Site Remediation

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Tom Kelly - Carus Corporation

“Carus’ Solutions: Including MLO Next Generation ISCO” (Please Request PDF)

Will Moody – Provectus Environmental Products, Inc.

“Overcoming ISCO Limitations with Ferric Iron Activated Persulfates” (Please Request PDF)

Chapman Ross - FRx Inc.

1. DPT Jet Injection of ZVI: Six Years of Progressive Chlorinated Solvent Treatment in Glacial Clay Till
2. DPT Jet Injection for Remediation of Low-Permeability Zones: Three Case Studies in Three States

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Regional Partners

Janet Castle - Eagle Synergistic

1. “Strategic Optimization utilizing HRSC Technologies"
2. “Utilizing HRSC Subsurface Imaging to Delineate Multiple Source Plumes"
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Peter Grant - EPRO Services, Inc.

“Vapor Intrusion Mitigation Barriers – Concept, Design & Installation” (Please Request PDF)

Blayne Hartman - Hartman Environmental GeoScience

“Optimizing Vapor Mitigation Systems via Continuous Real-Time Monitoringring” (Please Request PDF)

Mark Kram - Groundswell Technologies, Inc.

“Rapid Single Deployment Resolution of Vapor Intrusion Challenges Via Automation” (Please Request PDF)

Jeffrey Popiel - GeoTech

“Environmental Applications for Unmanned Aircraft Systems” (Please Request PDF)

Eric Raes - BioEnhance

“Sustained Bio Augmentation via Bio Reactors” (Please Request PDF)

Lauren Soos - TRS Group, Inc.

"Thermal Remediation: Volatile Organics, Semi-volatiles & PFAS Solutions" (Please Request PDF)

Randy St. Germain - Dakota Technologies, Inc.

"Generating Confident Source Term NAPL CSMs with LIF" (Please Request PDF)